Management Advisory Services

Our deep industry knowledge and relationships with industry executives and private equity groups interested in investing in the industry allows us to help qualified management teams with solid growth strategies and track records partner with capital providers to pursue buy-outs or acquisitions. The management team may be incumbent in, or, less frequently, independent of the target company.

Our advisory services are focused on maximizing the economic opportunity and minimizing the risks associated with the pursuit of a management-led buyout. We consider a management team’s risk tolerance, financial resources, team composition, as well as transaction size, market dynamics and potential competition in developing a tactical plan for a client.

Strategic Assessment

Before significant resources or political capital are committed to a buy-out, we can structure a limited engagement with a management team to assess the feasibility and attractiveness of a transaction. Issues addressed include:

  • Likely parent company reaction/level of cooperation
  • Preliminary valuation of the entity
  • Composition of management team
  • Financing resources/capacity
  • Potential for competing bids
  • Sector specific M&A conditions
  • Management's strategic plan to increase shareholder value
  • The attractiveness of the platform to capital partners

If a decision is made to proceed, we prepare and position the management team and the investment opportunity with potential financial partners. Our services include the following:

Tactical Plan – Development of a tactical plan for communicating with target company shareholders or executives as well as financial partners

Strategic Roadmap – Development of material that provides potential financial partners with an overview of the company and its markets, the investment thesis behind the acquisition and the plan to create value for investors, strengths of the platform and any known diligence issues

Partnership Development and Selection – Assisting management in identifying financial sponsors with the greatest likelihood of interest, soliciting interest, assisting management in the selection of a financial partner and negotiating an initial agreement on economics and other terms

Ongoing Advocacy and Involvement – Continuing to serve as an advocate for management throughout the buy-out process and, as appropriate, maintaining active involvement in the platform’s corporate development initiatives post closing.